“I’ve always connected with artists whose voices resonate; you can feel it in your body.  That is what I’ve always wanted to be.” 

With a confident voice Celeigh Cardinal owns a stage and captivates audiences by seamlessly blending humor and vulnerability in her performances. She has been recognized with awards and nominations from prestigious organizations such as the JUNO Awards, CBC Music Awards, and Western Canadian Music Awards.

Celeigh's music has resonated with listeners across various platforms. She has achieved chart success on the Indigenous Music Countdown, CBC Music Top 20 Countdown, and !earshot charts. With two full-length albums already under her belt, she is currently working on her highly anticipated third release, slated for late 2023. This upcoming project is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, highlighting the artistic merit and potential of her work.

In 2021, Celeigh Cardinal had the honor of collaborating with The Walt Disney Corporation for their inaugural season of The Recital of Remixes. She recorded a single and music video as part of this project, showcasing her versatility and creativity as an artist. Additionally, Celeigh served as a mentor and consultant for the show's second season, further solidifying her expertise and impact in the industry.

Celeigh's talent extends beyond her original music. Her songs have been featured in films and TV shows, expanding her reach and introducing her music to new audiences. Notably, she was chosen by The Tragically Hip to sing for their first-ever licensing commercial deal with Scotiabank, a testament to her exceptional vocal abilities and reach.

Embracing the international stage, Celeigh Cardinal has toured extensively in countries like Sweden, Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands. She has also showcased her talents at prominent events such as Dubai's Expo 2020, Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany, and various Folk Alliances in cities like Kansas City, Montreal, and New Orleans from 2018 to 2023.

In addition to her thriving music career, Celeigh is carving a path as a radio host, further solidifying her presence and influence in the Canadian music scene. Her powerful voice and impactful storytelling have made her one of the prominent voices contributing to the rich fabric of Canada's music landscape.

"I first heard Celeigh Cardinal at Mission Folk Music Festival. I was struck to the heart by the songs in the moment and by the person herself later on. Her performance was stellar. Riveting. Real. A writer of rare depth and honesty and in the voice a powerful beauty. I felt the songs and I felt lucky to bear witness. A true light.”- David Francey 


“Celeigh Cardinal is totally friggin’ metal. Her songwriting is both honest and sublime; it hits me in the head AND the heart. And just wait till she starts to sing. You’ll wake up in the middle of the night with a cold sweat, jonesing to hear that voice just one more time. Oh yeah, and she’s kind and hilarious to boot... Gross.” - David Landreth (The Bros. Landreth) 


 "In a whole summer full of playing festivals, Celeigh stood out to me because of her strong and beautifully textured voice, her supernatural ability to harmonize and memorize new lyrics in one pass during workshops, and not least of all because of her bright and uplifting personality. She's both the stars and the moon - shining her own light and reflecting that of those around her."- Matt Epp  


"Celeigh Cardinal's voice brings to mind the deep soul singers of old. She has so much nuance, spirit and tone invested in every note- from sweet and gentle bedtime-folk-melodies to knock-down-drag-out-leave-your-lover wails. Her songs range from ballads and thoughtful reflections on life to road-tripping good-time songs.  Her band and her trio are always first-class players who add lots of great instrumentals and harmonies. I first encountered Celeigh on a Facebook live post and was immediately enchanted. I look forward to more people in the world discovering the pure joy that is a Celeigh Cardinal show." - Leela Gilday   



Boundless Possibilities - June 21, 2024: 14 songs, self-released

Stories from a Downtown Apartment - 2019: 8 songs, self-released

Everything and Nothing at all - 2017: 9 songs, self-released 


Nomination, Indigenous Artist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year & Roots artist of the Year, Western Canadian Music Awards 2024

Nomination, Indigenous Artist of the Year, Western Canadian Music Awards 2023

Award Recipient, Indigenous Artist or Group of the Year, JUNO Awards 2020

Nominations, Songwriter of the Year & Indigenous Artist of the Year, Western Canadian Music Awards 2020

Short listed, Edmonton Music Prize 2020

Award Recipient, Indigenous Artist of the Year, Western Canadian Music Awards 2018

Award Recipient, Female Artist of the Year, Edmonton Music Awards 2018

Award Recipient, Indigenous Recording of the Year, Edmonton Music Awards 2018

Eight Nominations, Edmonton Music Awards 2018

Nomination, Best Pop Album, Indigenous Music Awards 2018

Prize Recipient, Hnatyshyn Foundation REVEAL Indigenous Art Awards 2017

Prize Recipient, ATB Financial - ATB Listens Award 2016