Dylan decided to start a Go Fund Me account on my behalf. It was gonna be a secret. Then three days in he started to feel like a failure after only my mother and Dana Wylie had given a donation so he decided to tell me.  Initially i felt ill. I loath asking people for anything, as most people do.  Then i remember Stew Kirkwood telling me to watch the Ted Talk about the art of asking, or something to that affect, and i did watch it. And i suppose now is the time, even though i feel rather rushed and nervous, to ask. So here is a link to the campaign.... Celeigh Cardinal's Album
If you're looking for a reason? well, we do have some perks for donations. All donors will get credit in the album notes... and the rest is laid out on the campaign page. 

This year i lost my voice, and was scared shitless that i was going to never sing again.  This is a big step for me. Any contribution will help. 
Thanks for everything all! 

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