Celeigh Cardinal (pronounced Kay-lee) is a prairie girl through and through. Her heartfelt, biographical songs are carried by a voice that harkens to the golden era of jazz and blues. This Métis singer/songwriter is easily one of the finest vocalists to hail from the Peace Country. A Celeigh Cardinal performance is a profound, soulful triumph of songs that blend roots, folk, rock and pop. Her voice at once evokes a gentleness and control which can turn to raucous, gut wrenching, twisted, turn-yourself-inside-out blues within a single phrase. She is a passionate performer who can draw an emotional response with her deliberate words and rich contralto voice. She is currently based out of Edmonton, Alberta and continues to perform alongside her duo, trio as well as with her band.

January. New year. New start. and you know, winter blues.  

Hey guys! this January you can find me every monday night (as usual) at the open stage at sideliners pub.  Also, the Celeigh Cardinal band will be play at Sideliners on Friday Jan 15th and it will be an awesome time!  Jan. 24th, you can catch me at On The Rocks with Andrew Scott! here is my awesome Mac template poster! (oops celeigh, don't give away too many secrets!)

December Madness!  

After a bunch of super fun Christmas parties, I am ready for a little break.  Dylan and I will be playing together for New Year's Eve in St. Albert, and then i will be taking a couple of weeks off. YAY!  Good times Y'all! <3 Happy Holidays! 

October, already? 

Good Morning all! been a crazy month so far for me! Had some great times at Big Al's Tuesday night Jam, Sideliners Pub, the Buckingham for Acimowin's fundrive, and the Royal Mayfair season "Supersession".  We also went up to Grande Prairie for Tanya Sedore's Annual Young at Art Fundraiser too! Great, Awesome times! 
The next little while we are rehearsing and getting all geared up for the Celeigh Cardinal's Band Halloween/ Go Fund Me Wrap Up/ Celeigh's Birthday and Costume Party with Andrew Scott  AND YOU SHOULD COME OUT TO THIS! click that link for the Facebook page!  hope to see you soon! 



Dylan decided to start a Go Fund Me account on my behalf. It was gonna be a secret. Then three days in he started to feel like a failure after only my mother and Dana Wylie had given a donation so he decided to tell me.  Initially i felt ill. I loath asking people for anything, as most people do.  Then i remember Stew Kirkwood telling me to watch the Ted Talk about the art of asking, or something to that affect, and i did watch it. And i suppose now is the time, even though i feel rather rushed and nervous, to ask. So here is a link to the campaign.... Celeigh Cardinal's Album
If you're looking for a reason? well, we do have some perks for donations. All donors will get credit in the album notes... and the rest is laid out on the campaign page. 

This year i lost my voice, and was scared shitless that i was going to never sing again.  This is a big step for me. Any contribution will help. 
Thanks for everything all! 

Whats to come? 

For a start, its a new website.  
It has been a year of change for me, and this all part of it. 
I have recently began performing, sparingly, again.  Since the discovery of a nodule on one of my vocal chords in early February, I have taken a long hiatus from performing. 
This has been a year of forced introspection, and I'm still in the thick of it.  
I do, however, feel a flood of songs ready to burst out of me from all the trials that have been presented to me, and i suppose that is what it is all about. 
So, good and bad, everything is balanced. 
for now. 
Cheers all! 

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Celeigh Cardinal & Brayden Treble Live on CKUA!


Sideliner's Monday Night Acoustic Open Stage

Sideliner's Pub and Pantry, Edmonton


Celeigh Cardinal & Douglas Mitchell

Crown & Tower, St. Albert


Celeigh Cardinal & Douglas Mitchell

Ship and Anchor , Calgary, AB

Join us in Calgary for a fun afternoon of songs and beers!


Celeigh Cardinal at the Indigenous Music Awards

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Winnipeg, MB

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